Day 1 of a monster challenge that i’m doing with some of my coworkers. tho mine’s more of a cute ordinary thing than a monster monster. only day 1. things will amp up. 
DAY 1: swamp dwelling monster.turtley thing tahat can live most of its life fully under the swamp muck. Eating moss and things that float down, breathing through cracks in the top of it’s rock shell so it doesnt have to surface.-COEY!______

Crafting a Strong Character Voice || FINALExercise – Take an old scene that you’ve already written. Rewrite it.Goal – Becoming a better writer means writing, and writing a lot, and it also often means writing with the clear intention of honing a particular skill. Once you’ve completed the past six exercises, that’s progress you’ve made that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.So, apply it now. Take an old scene, or take a scene that you haven’t written yet but had intended to. Write it now that you’ve strengthened your tools of character voice. One of the best markers of progress is to look back at old writing and cringe. Sure, you might have a line or two that you still really love – but cringing is a good thing. It means you’ve made progress.Every bit of progress, no matter how small, still puts you ahead of where you were before.
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